Chart of accounts

How do I add accounts (e. g. expense accounts) that do not appear in the template of the chart of accounts?

Under Settings. Be advised, the scheme changed in the last week or so, so documentation is minimal or non-existent. But unless you are looking to create something exotic, it is fairly self-explanatory.

When you are in the Chart of Accounts on the P&L side there is a New Account button, also if a template account is not applicable to you, you could always edit the name. When editing, if the account doesn’t have a “delete” button then it is a control account and shouldn’t be used for any other type of expense.

You can also delete many of the accounts that appear automatically for a new business. The control accounts that @Brucanna mentioned are exceptions to that general rule. You delete an account by first clicking Edit and then on the Delete button at the bottom of the screen that appears.

Note that certain control accounts appear as new tabs are enabled via the Customize link under the left navigation pane. These accounts will disappear if you disable the tab. But you will not be able to disable a tab if transactions have been entered. Manager does not let you lose data that way.