Chart of accounts - update process

Given that the chart of accounts for our company is huge and considering that we need to create new accounts (for some categories) for each new year, could you examine to provide a tool to copy any existing accounts? (for example, an icon per line, like it has already been provided for invoices, purchase orders items, etc.)

In addition, could you examine to create/update the chart of accounts though a file (.xlsx) like the way we can update the data for invoices, products, suppliers, etc.?

I don’t believe you will see any action on this. All the other things you mention have to do with copying a single ledger entry. Copying a chart of accounts entry would involve changing the structure of the database. I don’t believe the processes would be remotely similar.

Lets clarify my proposal.
I do not want to copy accounts entries… I just want to have a tool to clone/copy any existing account when I create my chart of accounts.
It is only a tool not anything structural.
It is proposed only to make our lives easier when we have to prepare huge chart of accounts.
Based on that, why not having a tool to import or update the chart of accounts through an .xlsx file?

You could setup a template and use that to import to a new business

No need to clarify. I completely understood what you suggested from your first post. My comments in post #2 stand. Your belief that nothing structural is involved is, I believe, misplaced.

I will also observe that, in a perpetual accounting system like Manager, the “need to create new accounts…for each new year” usually indicates poor design of the chart of accounts itself.

As an example, I have been using Manager for several businesses for 8 years. In all that time, I have only changed a chart of accounts twice: once when a change of business operations made it necessary to enable a tab that hadn’t been needed during the first 5 years, then again to conform to a small change in reporting requirements of my tax authority.

I respect your experience, but I am also a certified instructor and responsible for establishing accounting applications (includ. chart of accounts) for 16+ years now.
It is not about a poor set up, as you said. It is required when you have to connect accounting with annual budget, especially when we have Public Sector bodies with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) to be applied.
From the technical aspect of my proposal:
Manager has already had the capability to create same accounts, is this right?
So my request was only to provide the tool to copy an existing account while developing the chart of accounts.
In any case if it is not possible to provide such a tool tool, I will carry on creating new accounts manually.

No. That has never been available in the program.

I am not sure that we are talking about the same thing.
I was referring to the status you can see below (just a screenshot from a new blank business creating new accounts / version - same result with the previous ones):

These accounts are the same (I know that at the background of the programme these accounts have different “serial numbers”, but for the user and the statements are exactly the same).
Of course, my proposal/purpose was not to create the same accounts, but only a tool to copy/clone an existing account in order to modify the second one easier than creating a new account and adjust it every time (think that in public sector bodies with annual budget connected we may need to add about 200-400 lines to create each fiscal year’s budget data; this may mean 200-400 new accounts to be added one by one).

How did you create these asset accounts?

Settings → Chart of accounts → Balance Sheet Account — Edit

The name and the codes of the accounts are just an example.

I already suspected you did and that is your problem, it is not done that way, see: Set up a bank or cash account | Manager

Please note as you can see from the homepage (screenshot attached) that Manager accounting software is for small business(es). You may have to look for an application that suits the needs of the organization which goes beyond what Manager is designed for.

@evans, you have illustrated my earlier concern. If these two “accounts” are the same bank account, you should never have created the second one. You did not open a second bank account. You are still using the same one as in previous years. So in a perpetual accounting system, no action was necessary. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the public or private sectors. Nor does it matter whether you have annual budgets (most accounting entities do).

Further, you won’t be able to tell them apart when selecting a bank account while entering transactions. You are correct that the accounts will have different UUIDs. And that is exactly the problem—they should not, because they are the same bank account.