Chart of accounts import

I’ve just downloaded manager, and am currently assessing a few accounting packages for our business. I’ve noticed a few posts here regarding the ability to import from csv/xls or similar. I’d have to say that this isn’t just a useful feature in a lot of cases once things are set up, but also that not being able to import is a big barrier to even trying the software out - I want to be quickly able to import some data and play around to find out if I like the software or not, and having to manually enter accounts etc. is a pretty big turn-off.
I even took the step of opening a backup file with notepad++ to see if i could just edit the file, and perhaps paste in some values, but it didn’t look so great…

I did read in another post of yours that you had concern about being able to read a variety of formats, which is nice of you, but I honestly think that people are willing to conform to the format you tell them if it makes their life easier. It’s much easier to drag column A into column B or change a heading in excel than to enter 30 account codes manually…

Could I also suggest another option - would it be possible to make the backup files in a format that could be viewed as xml or csv? Then if people are really keen they could just hack their own files (at their own risk, of course).

Anyway - I’m stubborn, so I’m going to just enter a bunch of data manually for now, but its a pretty big hole out of a busy week for a small business owner.

There will be API that will allow to read/write database programmatically without risk of breaking data integrity.

As for chart of accounts import, how many accounts do you need to have in Chart of accounts? Typically businesses have in average 50 general ledger accounts. How long would it take to create 50 accounts one by one? 30 minutes at most? How long would it take to prepare import file and then importing it. 20 minutes?

I understand business owners are busy and don’t have time to setup chart of accounts but this is once-off task, not something you have to do every week or so.