Chart of account import

**Can We add on new version any option to import chart of account from excel file like import vendors and customers
because i need to import chart of account from old soft ware that i used before and i have on excel sheet but i take time to create one by one

Thank you very much )**

That would not be possible, because a chart of accounts from a different software program would not contain the necessary structure and information Manager requires. Creating a chart of accounts involves more than names (and possibly account codes). You must assign accounts to groups. Some accounts must be created as custom control accounts, while some control accounts are generated automatically and have subsidiary ledgers that do not appear in the chart of accounts. Some groups must be assigned to higher level groups. Totals must be inserted.

While creating a chart of accounts may seem tedious, it is a one-time job.

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Use batch create to import suppliers, customer, inventory, historical invoices, payment and receipts where that information is required. Doing so does require time / cost commitment and some computer skills.

Note the chart of accounts per se is best designed for Manager and entered by hand although if you had lots of similar businesses, a localisation could be used.

ok thank you

Patch can you expand on that how do we do that? that would be a big help to some how import the chart of accounts all the business I do are basically the same

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You could just create a “master” blank business and back it up.
Each time you need a new business, import the backup and rename it.


Yes thats what I do now. Just thought Patch had a new way of doing it

The breath of functionality localisation can achieve is described here which is most things a user can do in the settings tab as well as fixed GUID generation.

Manager’s ability to extract this information from a test businesses is also described.

So localisation can easily achieve the functionality you want. The reason I have not pushed this approach is Manager currently does not support use of user written Localisation. Or to put it another way, once written a user can not easily use there Localisation either to test or otherwise.

The Localisations currently must be integrated in the localization.json file in the program directory, normally in a later program release.

Thanks patch will take a look

thats excelent so the changes I have asked for in the gst return I can ask this way


  • Implement the changes required in a test business
  • create the localisation
  • submit the changes on github
  • when approved they become available to everyone in later versions of Manager
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Thanks for all for reply