Changing emails on the email

Good Morning,
When I change an email address on the email address, the email is sent but not received at the changed email address.

I don’t want to remove the original address, but just send it to another email (not the same as emails are being sent from) in order the attach other information to send out to clients.
Please help and advise. Regards
P.S. and not all clients receive their statements either

are you able to send mails to other email address? check if that mail is received. if the mail is received then it is not an issue with Manager. the receiver email might have issues or the mail would be going to the Junk/Spam folder at the receiving end.

If the email is loaded under the client 99% goes through.

Some of the parents don’t have emails, and I send it to the address of our school in order to print and hand out to the learners. Those emails are not received at the work address; and when I change the address on the emails to the work address, it is not being received at the work address.

I tried to change the settings to smtp emails, but I got this error now:
The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. w19sm2494190wrb.49 - gsmtp

I had it on SSL

so there is no issue with Manager. looks like your work email is having trouble receiving mails. Have you tried looking in the Junk/Spam folder of you work email?

Nothing in junk folder.

you should try sending to some other email address before coming to a conclusion. this will help understand where the issue actually is. also have you updated Manager to the latest version?

I just updated to 17.7.57
I tried sending the age analysis and a statement.

only the age analysis arrived, but not the statement.

i am using 17.7.55 and tried mailing a statement to a different email address than what was set as a default email.
i did not have any issues with sending or receiving. so this is not an issue with Manager.
are you using a custom SMTP server?

I changed the default email address on the email to another gmail email and it was sent and received. Just not received at the work address.
Quite weird though.
Thanks for trying to help.

Just some Feedback:

I changed the SSL setting on my Google account, from which Manager sends emails, and it worked.