Bug? Not able to delete '0' from unit price column when creating quote

As of today ,when creating a quote we are not able to delete the ‘0’ from the unit price column. Sometimes there is just text on a line item and no price needed. Previously we could delete this ‘0’ leaving it blank.
Capture 04-03-2021 1
Capture 04-03-2021 2

Fixed in the latest version (21.3.14). Default is now zero but it won’t be visible when viewing just like empty value previously.

Me too, unit price and amount show zero “0.00” after quotation created.

Thanks Lubos. Cloud version is still on 21.3.13. Is there a set time it will update to 21.3.14?


Thanks Patch

Thanks Patch

Hi, I am using Manager desktop version, the similar issue in UAE VAT column as well but instead of zero just showing dash.

Unfortunately that is not very specific. To enable specific advice please also state

  • The Manager version number shown in grey text at the bottom of Manager’s window when running https://www.manager.io/guides/15287
  • Your operating system platform and version eg Windows 8.1 64 bit

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Invoice Manager version winver

These are the details.

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هل يمكن استخدام البرامج بمصر

Yes, you can use this Software in Egypt :egypt:

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