Purchase invoice now showing all lines

The freight-in (brokerage) line in the purchase invoice is not showing up.

This is the edit screen of the purchase invoice.

This is how it used to show in the past.

Yesterday, it started to show as follows

Edition - Cloud, Server or Desktop?

There seem to be ongoing updates in the Cloud version that are causing display problems. The Desktop version is lagging behind, so I can’t confirm or investiage the cause

Cloud version 22.6.23

See my answer in the other post you made. It seems as if you use different themes. As such you should show the complete edit screens of each. Most likely you use a faulty custom theme.

Purchase invoice has a standard theme. No changes.

Here is the complete edit screen as requested. There is no custom theme for this.

Your screenshot does not show any theme which is weird as it would have shown at least the possibility to select one.

I have plain theme only for this business where we have a purchase invoice. I believe this is why the custom theme drop-down doesn’t appear.

@lubos please review this when you get the chance. Due to this error, it’s showing up an incorrect total amount on purchase invoices.

The steps being followed by @applet are correct according to the guides but somehow yields unexpected results.

That’s why I’m categorizing this in bugs.

Fixed in the latest version.

The latest version is improving this by showing new column how the landing costs have been allocated across your inventory items.