Change in Receipt

Hi.we need in Receipt tab
total -
tax -
Total Amount -

To obtain the presentation you want, uncheck the tax-inclusive box on the entry screen. See Choose between tax-exclusive and tax-inclusive prices | Manager.

thanks Tut, but I talk about the receipt not the invoice I need on the receipt when I uncheck the tax tab in the receipt option they show the amount with tax or without unchecking it show the total amount and then tax amount
but i need total amoutn + tax = subtotal

@shamsuddin_esaf1, your post #3 is not clear.

If you are directly recording a sale with a receipt (without a sales invoice) my earlier comment applies, the same way it would on a sales invoice.

If you are recording a receipt to record a customer’s payment of a sales invoice, you should not have any tax involved. The sales invoice was the taxable event. The receipt should be posted to Accounts receivable and should not have any tax code selected, because the receipt against a sales invoice is not a taxable event.

If you mean something else, please explain in more detail.