Receive/Spend money (Sales and Purchases Tax problem)

On the invoice creation page you can either select 'amount are tax inclusive or not, but if you are receiving money for cash sales or paying money for cash purchases straight without creating an invoice the system is set to use ‘amount are tax inclusive’ by default. This is very disappointing because i want my receipt from customers or payment to suppliers statement (receipt/payment statement) to display the tax component to be calculated separately and added to the item amount in the Total.

When recording a cash transaction, it must be entered with amounts which are tax-inclusive. When you go to the bank to make a deposit, you just deposit funds. You don’t say I’m depositing tax-exclusive amount, you always deposit tax-inclusive amount. And that’s the case for any cash/bank account. Manager simply reflects the reality here.

So I assume, this is not about data entry but rather you need to show tax component amount when printing receipt or payment slip?