Change GUI font

I need to change manager GUI font to my custom ttf,eot, … font. Is there any way to modify default interface theme of manager?

What’s wrong with the current font? If the program doesn’t look good in your language, then the program needs to be fixed at our end. This is not something to be fixed by end-user.

Would you please guide me how could i change program look in my end ? For example tahoma font in all area.

You can’t. This is hard-coded.

Manager will use fonts in this order.

  1. Helvetica Neue
  2. Helvetica
  3. Arial
  4. sans-serif

Why do you insist on Tahoma?

Because Tahoma looks better and good in my language. Although i prefer there be a way that i upload my custom ttf font.

Could it be because font size is simply too small for your language? My point is, it might not be the typeface but the font size.

No, typeface is the main reason.

Check the latest version (18.9.11). It is now using Tahoma for Persian language. I agree, looks much better.

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Thanks in advance

how can we select the above fonts?

@manishkumarshivam you can’t. The latest version is trying to use more appropriate set of fonts for each language rather than standard set for all languages.

Will be good if also appropriate set of directions for each language, LTR or RTL.