Font colour & Size on Screen

Is it possible to increase the screen font size or to use a different font
The 5 looks like a 6 ect.

Can the colour of the font be made darker?

The font size does not change when the screen font size changes

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Same problem for me. Even when I do CTL++ it helps, but the font colour is still too gray. I saw an earlier post that made suggestions about changing browser and/or windows settings, but they didn’t work for me. My browser is Chrome. I still really like Manager!

Great requets.
I can’t even see the light gray, Have to guess and highlight where I think it is. (Hold down left click)

Have you tried adjusting the resolution and color calibration of your display?

Thanks, Tut, messing with the display worked wonderfully for this forum and parts of Manager. But in Manager, I still can barely read things like the version #, the “Learn How To” lists and the option buttons like “Import Bank Statement” or “Batch Create”, etc. Continuing to experiment blindly, lol - currently playing with gamma (-50), brightness (100), contrast (30), red (71), green (62), blue (83). Phase & sharpness don’t seem to have any effect that I can see. Suggestions may be welcome if they relate to display settings :wink:

I have tried it all the font size does not increase when the pc font size increases
I have tried the resolution but keep in mind we are running other programs as well

Looks like we will just have to live with this.


Is this a possible work around for this ongoing problem.
For a long time I have been struggling with poor quality screen fonts. I even bought a new computer and a screen. The text is not sharp and the 5’s and 6’s look very similar especially in bold. A number of people experience the same problem. I think there is an incompatibility with Windows?
I was having a similar problem with my pdf programme - prints perfectly but the screen was a bit blurry and it was annoying. The following fix was provided for my pdf programme so I applied it to Manager. (Windows 10 pro-system)
Right click on red Manager screen icon
Click Properties then Compatibility
Click Change high DPI settings
Tick Override high DPI scaling behaviour.

If you run manager now it may be a tiny screen font - mine was.
Then go into Internet Explorer - this controls the screen presentation
Click on gear wheel - top right and select internet options
Click on Accessibility
Tick Ignore font sizes specified on web pages.

I find the font is a bit larger (than I want) but it is clear and sharp and a significant improvement. The 5’s and 6’s are clear! :grinning:

WARNING: This worked for me and may not work for everyone - caveat emptor. I use very few of the functions so please record your current settings before testing.

This is a great programme. Maybe one of the programmers can provide a better work around or provide a better set-up.

me also tried many times to change manager “not themes” fonts size and colors and fail.
if there is an option on setting to control fonts & colors it will be good