Themes Font

is there any way to change the themes font as in Arabic the text not showing correctly

Not on the standard themes.
Possibly some limited support in custom themes, have you looked at

yes i looked but i cannot reach any thing so i asked

Read the Guide: And what do you mean when you say “in Arabic the text not showing properly?” Do you mean you do not like the particular font? Or do you mean the font is incorrect? Or are terms not translated? Post screen shots illustrating what you mean.

that is what i mean

did you use the Print button or PDF button in Manager?
also, what version of Manager are you using?

i use last version and I use pdf bottom
also when I use print bottom the page paper with no forming only text

Please don’t say “last version.” Manager advances very rapidly. What version number? See

Also, what operating system and version number?

And what theme is this? Is it a built-in theme or a custom theme? If this is a custom theme, you are responsible for debugging it yourself. This is not a coding forum, and no one can see your code.

What happens if you use the built-in, Plain theme?

program manager
windows 10
ver 1903
smoth navey thems
i only chang the text font and font size

So you are not using the latest version. You are several hundred versions out of date. Update your software, though that is not likely to resolve this issue.

You are using a custom theme, and you have altered the exact things (font family and font attributes) that are causing your problems. You did not pay attention to the Caution statement in the Guide I linked to above.

If you do not personally have the Liquid programming skills to debug your theme, hire a local programmer. Many competent web developers can handle Liquid programming.

Meanwhile, you also did not answer my question on whether the problem disappeared when using the default theme.

thanks for your support
this problem does not appear with default themes
for program ver i will download the last one
i will give more attention for the gide you sent
for the devolver i will try to learn the code by my self

This tells you to concentrate your efforts on the lines of code you changed or added. Go back to the built-in theme code and add changes one at a time until the problem reappears. That will show you what is wrong.