Problem with pdf

After updating to the latest version from 18.8.86 and firefox from version 52 to version 62, the fonts of the downloaded pdf is Helvetica and not NotoSans (embedded subset) as it was. The result is some Greek character is missing when the pdf is opened in Nitro. Any help?
Thank you

I’m wondering why doesn’t PDF viewer make correct font substitution? Helvetica is one of the 5 standard PDF fonts.

For the record, I can’t reproduce the issue in any PDF viewer I have installed.

Even in Firefox, Chrome and IE the shown fonts have change

The other thing that I have noticed is that till today the size of the pdf file of an invoice was 250-260 kb, now is 190


I have noticed that from the zip file of manager server version 18.9.42, all the fonts are missing. May this be the problem?


I install 18.8.86 again and everything with the fonts are as it was, so the problem is with the version 18.9.42 i think

The NotoSans fonts were included in the bundle to handle a problem with generating PDFs on Macs. The problem was with third-party software. See 1st PDF in session renders incorrectly.

That problem was supposedly resolved, so the fonts were removed. The program is now supposed to use fonts in a specified order. See Change GUI font - #4 by lubos. What @lubos was referring to earlier in this thread was his expectation that you should automatically be using one of the Helvetica fonts, which should include the Greek characters.

You should never go backwards in versions. And the current version is 18.9.48.

yes but the problem appear on 18.9.42 to me. I went from 18.8.86, which was working without problem in creating pdf to version 18.9.42. As you can understand I cannot run the Business without be able to print and sent invoices to my customers. It seems that @lubos expectation that Helvetica fonts includes Greek characters is not fulfilled

BTW NotoSans exist in the manager server zip file before December 2017 *version 17.11.30

I have noticed that the problem can be shown to Nitropdf but not in acrobat reade

Can you check the latest version (18.9.53)? I changed the default font from Helvetica to Arial.

As for font embedding, I’m looking into it. However, in the latest version you can also set font-family in your custom themes so if you want Noto Sans, you can have it too.

@lubos, version 18.9.53, works fine. Fonts Arial is embedded now and everything looks nice with Greek Characters. Thank you