Software Font

That would be great if you put an option in Manager to change the font to our desired one, specially the ones in our own language. Because right now, when I am using my own language in Manager, the font is not proper for printing at all.

Thanks in advance

Only printing? Does the font Manager is using looking OK on the screen?

There is nothing wrong with Manager font in English, neither in my language (Persian/Farsi).

I am just looking for a more proper/nicer font in my own language to be shown in both screen and printing; if it is possible in Manager.

Currently, being able to override font name is possible on printed sales invoices only and only if you make your HTML template which is probably too much effort to justify doing it.

I assume you are most concerned about what font is used on your invoices, quotes, orders etc. is that correct? You don’t really care about font used in the navigation etc. correct?

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Mostly yes, I am much concerned about the font that is used on invoices, quote, etc.

But it would be more better if the font in navigation could be changed too. (But as I said, the priority is for printed forms like invoices)

Thanks in advance

OK, you will need to wait until it’s possible to customize other documents using HTML, not just invoices. At that point, I will also add ability to inject custom CSS which would allow you to change font on documents without really doing anything with HTML.


That would be great lubos. Thanks