Change backup file extension


How to change backup file extension (.manager). is there anyway to change it ?

Why would you want to change the file extension? The fact is, you can change the extension on a Manager file the same way you can on any file. But if you do, Manager will not open it or be able to call it when necessary. You would have a useless file.

I’m interested on this topic. This is how would it be useful. There are ways here to change the logo of manager, or even to customize the branding. I think .manager extension is part of branding. If someone thought to search how to open .manager file he would be able to know that there’s a similar program, say the accountant change the branding of manage, that their accountant sold them.

I mean rebranding means we don’t want our clients to find out the origical copy of the software right? So I think .manager file extension is part of what we want to rebrand.

Thank you. Hope I make myself understandable.

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