Backup File


I would like to ask how can i change the Backup File from .manager format to Excel or CSV format.

Any Help would be appreciated.



Basically, you cannot. There is certainly no feature in Manager allowing this.

I am sure someone with the right skills could reformat a backup file. But I suspect, if you were one of those people, you would not be asking the question.

Manager uses a relational database unlike Excel or a CSV which use a flat file. A relational database can store a flat file however a flat file structure does not have the functionality to store the relations characteristic of a relational database. So no one can do what you requested.

Having said that, a relational database consists of multiple tables, which individually are flat files. Manager does have the capacity to import and export many of these. That is what the “Export” and “Batch” operations do, shown at the bottom of many screens. These can be viewed and edited meaningfully in excel or similar flat database program as well as saved in a flat file format such as CSV.