How to open backup file?

My backup file does not open in file viewer. What can I do? Is there any limitation for entry in the desktop edition and is there any time limitation for this edition?.

Why are you trying to open Manager backup file in viewer? Only Manager can open backup files. Have a look at to learn how to restore data from backup in Manager.

There are no time or data limitations in desktop edition.

Got it…Thanks a lot Lubos.

That said, It would be great if manager would backup in plain text. That way the user stays owner of the data, and vendor lockin is prevented.

Well, the purpose of the backup is to be able to restore the data in future, when it comes to machines reading files, binary beats plain text any day for many reasons.

I understand it might be a bit unsettling that your backups can’t be opened in Notepad so in future Manager might support complete data dump to XML or similar however XML won’t be importable back to Manager.

hello i using desktop manager so i backup the manager that file is saves in managers pdf and can’t opening the file how to open that file any software for that file please give reply…

Using the Backup function in Manager most definitely does not save anything as a PDF. It saves it with a .manager extension. Read the Guide:

As stated above in this thread, you cannot open that file. You can only import it on a computer running Manager. See the Guide:

i can’t open my backup file, please support.

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