Cash account in journal

So far I have liked Manager IO very much but it is very important for me to find cash in hand and also sundry creditors, debtors, in journal. Many expenses we paid through journal. Without finding cash account in journal how can we post those expenses.Other hand I have previous balance with customers and vendors so If i can’t find them in journal then how could I post the payment or received of old dues. Is it possible to customize those feature?

Firstly you should not be using Journals for the cash, creditors or debtors transactions.
Under Customise, below Setting you should be activating the Customers, Sales Invoices, Suppliers and Purchase Invoices tabs

Have you read the Guides ?
They explain how to do the various setting up and how to use the tabs including the entering of previous balances (old dues)

Dear Sir,

If I can’t give cash entry in journal then how can we pay cash for labour,
transport , entertainment etc…
Please help

Spend Money or Receive Money under the Cash Accounts tab.