Journal entry and cash

hi I have i problem with the cash and bank account I can not find it when I want to use a journal entry to pay the salaries and other stuff

I know I don’t have to use ju=ournal entry for this but I want to know how to fix it if I ever want to use it in any case

thx my regards

You cannot use journal entries for the movement of money into or out of the business in Manager, only Receipts and Payments.

ok but i can create a bank or cash account from the chart of account and put it under the assets it works for Meany things but is there a way to link it with the cash account
sorry for bothering you and thank you

You will get used to how Manager process payments and receipts and its ease of use and I assure you that you will prefer it with time.
However, I have a problem in processing loans currently due to the inability to use cash accounts in journal.
I remember reading a reply from @lubos is thinking about creating a loan tab and another one about allowing the use of cash accounts in journal entries because there are some cases that require this option.
We can now simply continue our accounting work with the available tools in Manager It is amazing. However, in fact that one of the previous options is implemented would be very useful.

It is not diverting for the topic here, again I assure you that you will prefer this control from Manager on payments and receipts with time.
There is no way at the moment to use cash accounts in journal unless you create these accounts under other assets group and this leads for problems more than problems of inability to use cash account in journal entry.

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You can do that. But you will sacrifice all the built-in capabilities for bank accounts in the program, including Bank Reconciliations, Inter Account Transfers, bank statement imports, custom control accounts made up of bank accounts, tracking of cleared/pending status of withdrawals and deposits, bank account summary reports, and much more.

Your approach is really a very bad idea.