Ability to debit/credit cash at bank using journal entry

In the oldest version we can to entry journal to cash and bank account, but the late version its gone. Can bring it back to Journal Entry? It was very helpful.

Dear @ahmadsetioaji What ever that you want to receive or send into the cash and bank account can be done with ‘Receive Money’ and ‘Spend Money’ tabs found in the cash and bank accounts
Put a scenario here or tell me why you want that and I will tell you what to do

If you want to use journal entries to debit/credit bank accounts, then create those bank accounts as general ledger accounts under Chart of accounts and don’t use Bank accounts tab at all.

Dear Abeiku,
Its true we can use those menu. But sometimes i have to use jurnal entry to record some transaction. For example : i have to make Advance Account in GL, its account record Advance to all Project that we make. Then the project give back some some rest of that project, i will need to jurnal its to Advance and receive in Cash or Bank.

Detail :smile:

1. Spend from Cash or Bank
    Advance 1000 Dr - Cash or Bank 1000 Cr

2. Receive The Rest Money from Prject to Cash or Bank with Detailed Transactions
    Electrycity       10 Dr
    Bank Charges  10 Dr
    Administrative  10 Dr
    Advance                     100 Cr
    Cash or Bank   70 Dr

Its example for if the money is have some rest of project, but if the money is Less than provide we can to spend it again from cash or bank.

2b. Money is Less
     Electrycity       50 Dr
     Bank Charges  50 Dr
     Administrative  10 Dr
     Advance                     100 Cr
     Cash or Bank              10  Cr
in 2b the cash wil spend money again to Advance 10, and we have 10 in Advance Account.

Thank for your help.

Okay @ahmadsetioaji I understand. If am right what you are saying is that you have an asset account(Advance /Project operating Advance) into which you ‘spend’ or send money for your projects. And the project managers return invoices and receipts with which you credit the advance account, but your problem is returning the cash left in the advance account after crediting all project expenses against the advance.

Well you can just use receive money to transfer the cash back into the Bank/cash account.

*Just open the bank/cash account
*Go to receive money and find the operating advance or advance account under ‘account’
*Type in the amount and complete it.
Description will be “transfer of remainder funds from operating advance account back into the cash/bank account”

@Lubos is working on a cash flow/fund flow statement and allowing journal entries into the cash/bank account will break the integrity of the cash/fund flow statement or report.

But I think allowing cash/bank in journal entries is available in many accounting software.
But using spend money and receive money is the best thing to do.
Let see what happens

I still don’t understand what’s the issue. Spend money and Receive money are as powerful as journal entries. For example, to record:

Electricity     50 Dr
Bank Charges    50 Dr
Administrative  10 Dr
Advance                   100 Cr
Cash or Bank               10 Cr

You simply go to Spend money and create 4 lines. The last line item Advance should be entered as negative amount. This will give you the net amount of $10 which will be credited to the bank account.

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I believe @ahmadsetioaji’s difficulty is related to the attempt to use accounting software for project budgeting. From what he says, he is attempting to transfer advance project funds to an internal account as though it was being paid somewhere outside the company. But that is not the situation. He is only allocating planned budget to a project manager.

Spend and Receive Money functions should only be used when funds actually enter or leave the cash or bank account. Unless there are physically separate accounts for each project, the approach really should not be used for project accounting.

Manager does not currently include a budgeting function. But the way to keep track of what has been spent is with tracking codes. Meanwhile, receipts and payments should be allocated to the various income and expense accounts according to their true categorization. Moving imaginary money between artificial accounts is not helpful.

we will have The best software if the software give many way to input some transactions. I very understood why the latest software didn’t provide journal for Cash and Bank Accounts to minimize the wrong entries. But, the software will more powerful if provides journal menu for Cash and Bank Account like in the previous software. The journal can involved all accounts including Cash, Bank, and Accumulated Depreciation Expenses for many unusual transaction types. So, i suggest to add journal menu that involved Cash, Bank and Accumulated Depreciation in the latest software.

I am a new user to Manager and was struggling with this feature (or lack of) that I couldnt dr/cr bank account through Journal entry. Most people are accustomed to that method, however once I found the solution I can appreciate the restriction which helps maintain the integrity of bank account entries.

Sample Scenario: Customer paid Rs.100,000 advance.
Usual Method is to create 2 journal entries

  1. Initial recordation. Debit the cash account and credit the customer advances (liability) account.
  2. Revenue recognition. Debit the customer advances (liability) account and credit the revenue account.

Instead in manger we should do it as follows

  1. Go to bank Account - Receive Money
  2. Enter the Payer Name and amount etc.
  3. Use ’ Account Receivable’ in Accounts.

Manger will automatically assign this as advance and reflect in detail/ledger of the customer.