Journal Entries?


how to use cash on hand amount in journal entries?

You can’t use Journals with cash or bank accounts - refer to the guide


Concerning Journal entries, what would be the appropriate journal entry for a $2000 in the suspense account which arises as a result of deducting benefits in kind such as rent from employees pay slips ?

You should never have any entries/balances in Suspense account. If you do then you need to fix the transaction that caused the suspense balance. Using Journals would be an inappropriate process.

Each deduction needs to have a chart of account allocated to it. For the rent it would either be an Income Account if the rent was owed to the business or a Liability account if the rent was owed to a third party.

If they are “benefits in kind”, then they would have a zero value

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Thank you Brucanna, then this must be income to the organization not benefit in Kind, so my goal must be how to deduct the particular rent amount from an employee’s pay slip so that it can reflect as income on my summary in manager.

  1. Go to Settings - Chart of Accounts and create an income account called “Staff Rent” etc.
  2. Go to Settings - Payslip Items - Payslip Deduction Items and create an item called “Rent” with the account = “Staff Rent”
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Thanks all, how to maintain petty cash.if i transfer the amount to supervisor, which account can use his expenses?

It depends on the purpose of the cash advance.
If its for a short term then from the Petty Cash you would Spend Money with the account being BS Asset - Supervisor Advance. This account would be cleared by any receipts and money returned

If its for a longer term then from the Petty Cash you would Transfer Money with the account being Cash Account - Supervisor Petty Cash.

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how can I make the first entry. like Brought Cash in Business, i.e Cash debit, Capital Credit, Because journal entry doesn’t allow Cash account transaction

Read the Guides: Guides | Manager. In particular, if you are migrating to Manager from another accounting system, read Enter starting balances | Manager. For information about recording receipts and payments, read Record a receipt | Manager and Record a payment | Manager.

As you read Guides for relevant information, use the Search function. It is quite good at returning relevant Guides. Also, turn on the Learn how to… switch at the bottom of any screen for links to relevant Guides.