Cant send any invoices or other data

I am using version 19.1.30 and I have now developed an issue sending any email data or reports. It was working fine with Outlook 2007 but has now stopped working. Any ideas on how to solve this please.

Can you describe the circumstances more completely? Do you see any error messages? Are you emails archived in Manager? Have you changed any of your email settings? Modified your email account? Have you tried any troubleshooting steps? If so, what were the results?

“…now has stopped working” does not provide any information by which someone might help.

Many thanks for responding. I have been using Manager for two years now and no problems. I am on IMAP with SMTP on port 468 with SSL and worked well for some time.In the fault finding which steps I went through it states that port 468 is not supported . So when I encountered this issue I changed it to port 587 with SSL off and it still does not work. Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry I typed 468 instead of 465 on the note above. Regards

It seems you failed to answer all the questions you were asked…

To receive any help I would consider answering them.

No error messages are being reported. I cannot find an error log in Manager?
The emails can be seen under the email reports in Manager
Yes I have tried the trouble shooting steps, this did not sure the problem.
No I have not modified my email at all.

Contrary to your statement that you have not modified your email, you have changed both the port and the SSL option. I suspect your email provider requires SSL to be activated. Many do.