Can't open to view the attcehment (PDF)from the folders and transactions attechment

I can’t open to view the attachment (PDF)from the folders and transactions attachment.

That’s a problem of your operating system setup - it has nothing to do with Manager

I have two businesses in ‘’ installed on one computer, it can open the attached files(pdf,.xlsx, image) in one of the business’s folders, but not in the other one(business) same files). Could you advise me where and how to check my operating system setup

It is very undlear what you are reporting. What do you mean by

How are you trying to access these files? You talk about 2 separate businesses. Do you use PDF generator in both? Or Print to PDF? Where do you attach these files, etc.

Your statement that it works in one business and not in the other indicates that it is something you do and not specific to Manager.

You may misunderstand what I mean. Let me say that: I attached the monthly sales (pdf file from another POS system) to the ‘receipts’. This same PDF file can be opened in one of Business 1 but not in Business 2. I was trying to learn how to use the software’s features.

You need to show screen shots of what you are trying - it isn’t clear from your explanation

I doubt that it’s problem with my business file.on the business name lists showing file size always showing 1Mb.I did a backup and import the same business file (exclusive attachments email history ,the file size is 560kb),then working fine.

Be realistic, @bin. If you knew what the problem is, you would not be asking questions on this forum.

In fact, your description almost proves that the issue resides with one of your attachments.