Can't open Manager

I am trying to open Manager on my laptop but getting an error message and I can’t figure why!

I am running manager on windows 10 (compatibility mode 8). It has worked perfectly since I downloaded it in March 2018 until now.

I have attached the error message that I am receiving. Has anyone any ideas how to sort this? io%20error%20message

Why are you running it in compatibility mode?

Sorry, I am not running it in compatibility mode, I tried it to see if that would help but it didn’t.

Can I uninstall and re install without losing my accounts. Sorry, I am not tech savvy enough for this.

Normally it is not necessary to un-install Manager. You just download the new version and install it.

Does the 18.1.96 refer to the Manager version, if so you months and probably 100s of versions behind

Yes, it does.

Yes, but as @Joe91 said, there is no need to uninstall first.

No data is stored in the application. All your accounting data is stored in a business data file (one for each business if you have more than one). The new program will call the same data the old program stored, reformatting it if necessary for intervening feature additions.

Many thanks guys I am going to try that now

Still not working and message error is the same except it starts with 18,11,22. Any ideas anyone?

Have you recently forcibly removed Microsoft Edge from your computer? I know in the past when I’ve tried to install Manager Desktop on a Windows 7 computer without Internet Explorer, it refused to run.

No I didn’t remove anything from the laptop. I have now uninstalled and re installed manager and it still won’t work. I have given up and am using my desktop with no problem.