Can't figure out how to show VAT on invoice

I am new to Manager and have a question is there a way of showing VAT I have looked through and tried a few things in the settings but still don’t see vat on the invoices, or do I have to manually add it in the payment information in invoice settings.

First of all, you need to add at least one tax code under Tax Codes section in Settings.

When you do this, on invoice, you will be able to choose tax code on invoice line items. Make sure to select appropriate tax code if applicable.

That’s it. Manager is not doing here anything out of ordinary. It’s the same principle all accounting packages are based on.

Many thanks for your reply I have tried what you suggested but when printing the invoice I still cant see VAT entered, Sorry if I am not making any sense
Thanks in advance

I am also facing the same issue. in the previous ver 14.2.19 i did not have this problem
but now in the new ver i can not set these column when i print them or view them.

pls suggest how to add this column in invoice.

Do you mean you can’t see tax column when viewing print preview of an invoice or you can’t select tax code while preparing invoice at all? Can you show some screenshot to see in what context you don’t see what you expect to see?

Hello there if you will notice, there are various column descriptions though I would like to have a printout of the same items, is these possible? Any thoughts? Thanks

It is not clear what you are asking.

  1. To print the invoice, click View button in the Sales Invoices tab. Once visible, click the Print button.

  2. To print such amounts from all sales invoices, click Export button at bottom of Sales Invoices tab listing. Then import to spreadsheet and do whatever you want.

  3. To print such amounts from only some, do as #2 above, but search first for desired content.

  4. To print tax information, see the various tax reports under Reports tab.

If I haven’t answered your question, please be more specific.

Sorry about being vague. Anyway, the thing is with the various columns on the invoice summary with item, description, qty, discount, amount, etc. I would like to seem them once i try to print (#2,3) I will not be able to get the same invoice format isn’t it? I would actually want my customers to see an almost same format of invoice but with more information.

I am sorry. I still do not understand your question.

@digjCH so what you really want is to print out or display the invoice with the same view structure shown when you’re generating it, right? If that’s the case, you’ll need to write your own view template and add the last column for VAT in the syntax. Please refer to the variable used to display the VAT by having a look here: Manager Cloud