VAT column not visible on invoice



If tax code is the same for all line items, Manager will hide the tax column as it would just make the invoice chattier for no reason. Why is this important to you?


According to the tax laws we need to show the percentage against each item we sell, even if it is 0% we need to display on the invoice. in the previous version. which I’m still using on my other system shows the VAT code on print view as well.


Forwarding you new snapshot after adding 2 different tax codes.

We need to have the tax code even if it is a single code.


When you claim that local tax law requires you to clearly state tax code on each line item, even if all line items have the same tax code, do you have any link on the Internet I can read about this rule?

Also what do you mean by showing subtotal even for tax codes with 0% rate? That doesn’t make much sense because 0% tax rate will always produce 0 tax.

I just want to make sure what you are saying is really legislative requirement (in that case it will be handled) and not bad habit from other accounting software.


As requested forwarding you the link

Page No. 19 , Point No. 20 (2f)


Layout requirements seem to be pretty similar to UK.

Try the latest version (14.5.23)


It is still not showing the VAT % column on print view.


It will show unless all line items are VAT 15% because sub-total VAT 15% is already shown after all line items in totals section.

This is consistent with the VAT Act you’ve posted.


According to what I have understood is that we will not be able to see the VAT against each item sold. Only if the VAT value is different against each item, but is it possible to have VAT column even if using single VAT code?


I really want to understand why is this important to you. Why would you want your invoice to appear more complicated by containing redundant information?

This is clearly not required by VAT Act.

Is this just personal preference?


There are two main reason why we are insisting on this option.

  1. For the past 8-9 months I have been using your software with old version where VAT column was presented and all my invoices issued earlier will have different format if i start using your current version.
  2. All local bodies issuing VAT invoice has this column added to there invoice. Forwarding you the example for your reference.

Can we keep this as an open option for each users.


The screenshot of the invoice you’ve posted contains two different VAT rates (15% and 0%). Manager will show VAT column if two different rates are used to distinguish which line items are subject to VAT and which are not.

If you want to see VAT column even if only single tax code is used, you will need to wait for CSS customization for sales invoices which will allow you to override the invoice template and force to show VAT column under all circumstances.


Yes you are correct, but as I’ve explained to you earlier, even if there is one VAT code, it has to be displayed on the invoice.


And this where I disagree. That’s why I insisted to see VAT Act that would say it is legally required but there was nothing like that in it. That’s why I consider this to be your personal preference which I respect but I can’t change the behavior for thousands of businesses like that.

CSS customization will be hopefully available next month, but in the meantime, I can assure you, your invoices to customers are in compliance with your VAT Act when looking at how tax codes are shown.


Thank you. I will wait for the CSS customization.