Invoice template not showing in settings

After update to 15.1.64 on desktop version invoice template do not show under settings, need to put in TAX INVOICE instead of Invoice

TAX INVOICE should be automatically shown as a header if you use applicable tax codes. Which country is this for?

I am from South Africa and created custom Tax codes for the reason to generate tax reports for normal vat and capital vat

I didn’t know it’s required in South Africa to report VAT on non-capital and capital purchases separately. Regardless of that, you should still use in-built VAT 14% tax code. This will automatically make your invoices to show “Tax Invoice” header.

If you give me list of tax figures required to fill in VAT return, I’ll add country-specific report which will show these figures. Similar what I did for Australia, see:

The Vat report must stipulate as Follow:
Output Vat Normal @ 14%
Output Vat Capital @ 14%
Output Vat Zero Rate @ 0%
Input Vat Normal @ 14%
Input Vat Capital @ 14%
Input Vat Zero Rate @ 0%
This is what SARS requires in SA

OK, just use in-built VAT 14% tax code. This will make your invoices show “Tax Invoice”

I’ll add the report within a week. Remind me next week if you don’t see it in changelog in upcoming days.

I am just reminding you regarding the Tax report

Do you have any screenshot how VAT report you need to lodge in SA looks like? This is just to make sure I cover everything. I will also design it so it re-assembles what people are familiar with in SA.

Hi Lubos,
Attached the VAT201 for SA

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