Specify VAT per product line in invoice

I’m unable to specify VAT for a product line in my Invoices. The workaround is to type net amount and split the VAT on payment.

It would be nice to be able to specify VAT on invoice. Preferrably per product as in my country products may have different VAT %.

I was a bit quick here, but other people may wonder how to enable VAT:

  1. Go to SettingsGeneral Settings
  2. Enable Tax Codes
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i tried but that was included tax… but i need rate + 5 % tax… for example product rate is 34
quantity 5 so that rs.170 is bill value + 5 % tax … total amount is 178.5… but its says bill amount is 170 inclusive 5% tax like that??? but i need like Rs.178.50

There is a checkbox for this called “Amounts are tax exclusive”

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Thanks for fast reply.

In the invoice I prepare, under the tax column, rather than have the amount in figures, what comes up is what is under the ‘name’ column when the tax code is done. Example, when I set up the ‘vat at 5%’, I put that as the name and that’s what appears as the vat all through on my invoice. Cant I have it as the calculated amount of the price of each product?

But what should happen if you use multiple tax codes on single invoice? Then you will have customers complaining about not being able to easily identify what rate has been used on which line item.

So yeah, I will need to add new column called Tax Amount rather than eliminating Tax column which shows the name of the tax code used.

That would be wonderful as it would be killing two birds with one stone. Looking forward to this modification.

@lubos I want to create a custom invoice because tax amount per item is not showed . What is the code to show tax charged per item instead of showing tax code.
I want these coloumns.

description qty discount tax(in amount) total

Have you gone to Settings - Tax Codes and selected your countries tax rate,
Once it is select here then all invoices should have tax columns

@Umesh_pratap_singh, have a look at Manager Cloud

The variable for tax amount on line item is {{ tax.amount }}

@lubos as said previously I want to make some change in Invoice because I want these coloumns:
(Item) (qty) (price) (discount) (tax code) (value before tax ) (total value after tax)
Mango:) 5 100 50% vat(5%) 250 262.5

As u can see I’m calculating total value after tax for each item . So How to do that ??

Manager has all variables you need to do that.

Your question is too general. Sure you know how to show at least 6 out of 7 columns on your custom invoice template… so what column you have problem with? Surely not all columns.

It appears that they are trying to show both tax exclusive total & tax inclusive total per line item.
I am assuming that an invoice per line item can only be one or the other .

@lubos http://guides.manager.io/businesses/settings/view-templates/sales-invoice-variables link not working .
I want the list of all variables which can be used in view templates .

Can we use custom field variables in tax invoice ??

“View Templates” are now obsolete. There is new concept called “Themes” which is more universal and not just for sales invoices.