Cannot View Sales Invoice

I can click Edit and it will come into view, but if I click View all I get is a blank sheet.

As with your other post, provide more information. See the guide:

I am using Manager 16.12, on Mac Sierra 10.12.1

I am not a computer expert. I’ve just tried again, I can get the details up when I click Edit, but cannot see anything when I click View in order to either print or send via Email (which again does not work).

I hope this is enough.


Three things, @Dave_Stygall:

  1. If you really have v16.12 (which would actually say 16.12.0 when you click on About Manager), you are 15 versions behind. Update and try again. I never had that exact version installed, but it is possible there was a bug. Version 16.12.15 certainly works on a Mac.

  2. Are you using a custom theme, even by accident? If you can view a sales invoice or any other form–even if the contents are blank–click Switch Theme and choose one of the built-in ones. If you can’t get that far, go to Settings => Themes and see whether a custom theme was created by accident. If so, select a built-in theme.

  3. When you install, did you follow the procedures described in the guide below exactly? If not, and if need to update to get totally caught up on your version, make sure you follow the procedures described to the letter.

Let me know what happens. And if things are not resolved, post a screen shot of an edit screen for a sales invoice that won’t display properly. Also post a screen shot of that invoice’s view screen. (On a Mac, you can capture a screen shot by holding down Command + Shift + 4 and outlining the area you want to capture. Upload using the symbol above the forum text editing pane.)

That seems to have resolved the issue. Yes, previous version was indeed 16.12.0, now 16.12.18.

Thanks for the prompt response.