Ability to create new supplier/customer while entering invoice from within


While entering a purchase invoice, lets say abc, bcd, are existing suppliers and i need to enter xyz supplier,

I need to jump to suppliers tab and create a new supplier xyz,

instead if xyz supplier can be created from within … like say add new supplier option as the first item under suppliers would be very useful and avoid some jugglery between tabs…

same applies to customers, inventory items also.

This was requested just yesterday: Quick Add for Customer and Supplier Idea

And also many times before that.

I agree that it would be helpful, but there are many existing topics on the forum about it, so it’s best to read those first, and comment on one of those if it directly relates to what you want - and if you have something helpful to contribute to the discussion.

this has been discussed many times. please search the forum before posting any questions.

as to answer your question, it is not possible in Desktop edition. Upgrade to the cloud or server edition which is browser based and you can open any number of tabs simultaneously.

Can this feature to be added in Ideas category?
What I had in mind @lubos there will be a shortcut link beside customer/supplier field to add new customer/supplier form view when we finished adding it. press add button will save the data and redirect the page to new invoice form view.

This will made the process create new invoice for new customer seamless.

You can already add customer/supplier while processing the sale/purchase invoice.
Lets say you have started a Sales Invoice and discover that the Customer has not yet been created.
Right click on the Customer tab and select “open in new window”, this will open a browser window which allows the Customer to be created, when clicking back onto the Sales Invoice that new Customer is available for selection.

PS: This works with Windows OS, unsure about other OS.

On a Mac, drag the Customers tab to a browser window to do the same thing.

Same on Linux Server Version but you need to ensure you drag onto a new browser tab otherwise your current browser page moves away from the new sales invoice page and opens the new customer page.

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The same would be true on a Mac. The technique I described, however, works even with the desktop edition.

I would like it to made it ‘seamless’. Yes I know the method for multi tab in browser but you still need to refresh the new sales invoice page for the data to be reflected in dropdown menu. Hoping the small change made the process straight instead let it as is without improvement.

No refresh should be required, once the new customer has been created in the separate browser tab, clicking back on the sales invoice’s customer dropdown should see the new customer listed - for Windows OS anyway.

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Same for macOS.

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I test out again, whether there is the need to refresh new sales invoice page to see the newly added customer entry. odd enough, @brucanna you’re right. I’m pretty sure I did have that issue when creating new customer entry the last time. Maybe it doesn’t applied to manager server edition accessing over internet. Might be because of connection timeout. Case close for me. Sorry for bringing it up and thanks @brucanna, @compuit and @tut for clearing it up.