Can I use my lan fixed IP to access Manager desktop


Can I use my lan fixed IP to access Manager desktop from another pc in same network ?

Currently I we are able to access Manager via browser uisng localhost and dynamic ports which manager automatically generates for the user. I have no issues with the dynamic port or user authentication which is not available in desktop version.

My issue is very different, I have just gone through my Open Heart surgery and Manager is installed in our Office downstairs with the Accounts PC/Desktop (It’s always online - we rarely reboot it)…when I am in office I am able to access it but say when I am taking rest and not in office if i have to access i need to go down and check it.

If I can access Manager using my LAN IP ( as (dynamic port number) , will be great I would be able to use it without going downstairs all the time

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it would be easier to configure your desktop for unattended access through TeamViewer rather than the more complex networking methods which is not a feature of Manager desktop edition.

That would have been the easiest option ofcourse but we can’t allow any such remote access tools in the local network for our internal reasons and also to my experience with Team Viewer it gets disconnected in 5-7 minutes.

If we can configure localhost:5789 to (dynamic port number) we would be able to easily use it…request help and support in this regard…

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in that case you can run the application ManagerServer.exe from the installation folder of Manager and run it as a server version. all procedures and documentation related to the server edition of Manager would apply.

Yes i have already tried server version and it works with :8080 and have user security also

But What I want to know is can we can use Manager Desktop as we have a single user and one company

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You can’t use desktop edition from another computer on the network. This is for security reasons because desktop edition has no ability to create users thus there is no login.

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Thank you @lubos that’s a perfect answer to my question…now I know why I can’t. so the only way is to be able to access it via a remote access tool which I cannot use within my network…

I would also like to thank @sharpdrivetek for your prompt replies and help.

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  • Put the Managers data file on a server you can access from both computers. Use your file servers access control to limit access.

  • Install the same version of Manager on both computers.

  • You will then be able to run Manager desktop from either.


  • Buy cloud access for a couple of months till you recover

  • Put Manager desktop on a laptop and carrying it between locations

  • Buy the server version and use that

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Actually I tried somrthing like this earlier I copied the files to our Gsuite’s Google Drive account and installed Manager on the desktop I have upstairs but then as I mentioned earlier either I closed Manager with Our Accounts PC (Downstairs) in office as the database is open there and then again reopen it with the desktop I have upstairs. But then I thought it may become corrupt if the database are open simentanously on both pc’s.

Is this possible with Manager desktop version ?

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The application you are looking at is described here

  • Desktop is single user. Which means one user at a time. More than one user / computers at different times can be made to work as described above, you just need to quit when you walk away.

  • I have not checked what happens if you accidentally try to open it twice, I assumed it would cause an access error. Would be worth checking.

  • You do need to may sure both computers have have the same version of Manager installed.

  • If you want more than one user to access at a time you need a server version (self hosted or someone else hosting ie cloud)


Just answering the initial question… This is possible by using RDP in Windows and the RDP equivalent in Ubuntu, see LTSP project. There will be no need to install Manager on any other PC or device because all you will be doing is accessing your Manager System remotely. With the Windows implementation it will allow one remote session only. Note that in all remote sessions only one Manager session will operate so all the usual Manager behaviour is enforced. Performance is great but once again the solution is out side the scope of this forum.

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I am thinking to use manager Server and have some questions.

1> Can we use multiple database in the server edition ?

2> I have three accounts created in the Manager Single User Edition how to migrate them

Thank you

Why would you want multiple databases - you can have as many businesses as you want in the Manager database?

How do you have 3 user accounts in the Manager Single User Edition?

What do you mean by migrate them?

If you mean multiple businesses, yes. Each business has its own data file, just as in the desktop edition.

You do not have any login accounts in the desktop edition. If you are referring to having three businesses, you will add them in the server edition from backups. See

The problem accessing the same data file via sync of cloud apps is the delay of the data being write and read. I advised you not to access the data multiple instance from different devices. Unless you willing to get the data corrupt along the way, or having your time wasted due the data sync back to the previous state after key-in a lot of data. For using desktop edition.

Thanks @Tut

If at some point of time I don’t want to use the server edition what happens?

How do I migrate the data for desktop edition ?

Backup your business in your server edition.

Install the desktop version and import the business