Open / login into Business?

It is possible to open / log in to my business from another computer?

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You have to tell us a bit more about your setup -

What version of Manager are you using - Desktop, Server or Cloud?

What computers are you using?

What computer network(s) are you using or are available to be used?

using windows desktop version on my personal laptop. I don’t have my laptop with me and needed to login to check on a couple of invoices for a client from another computer as it’s time sensitive.

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The desktop edition is single-user and does not allow remote login. By default, it stores your data in a file on the same machine. If you want to be able to access your file from another computer, you must install the same desktop edition of Manager on the second computer. Then, you must move your application data file to a location accessible by both. Read this Guide: Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager.

You can only access the business from your personal laptop (well see below…) as that is where the data is stored.

If you need to access your data from other computers, then the Cloud or Server version might be more adapted to your needs - although they come at a small cost

Otherwise, if you can access your laptop remotely then you could access the data that way or if you stored the data on a cloud server eg Dropbox, One Drive or such like, then you could download the Desktop version to another computer and access your business from there

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Thank you for the information, much appreciated!

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Thank you for the information.
Much appreciated!

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I want this online login

@MDRADAKAHMED, do you have a question?