Custom Field contents not cloned

Edition: Desktop
Version: 17.12.6
OS: Windows Pro 64-bit

i noticed that the custom fields in a sales invoice are not cloned even though they have contents in them. the content is not a default text.

is this intentional behavior or a bug?

I can reproduce this behavior. The custom field come up as Empty on the cloned sales invoice:

20 AM

The same thing happens on other forms, too.

Fixed in the latest version (17.12.25)

I have the opposite problem than “sharpdrivetek”. When I clone a Sales Quotes, I DO NOT want all of the content in my Custom fields to clone. Is there a way to pick and choose what fields do and do not clone?

No. A clone is a clone, containing all the same content.

However, you can set up the sales quote under Form Defaults to contain all things that are common for your quotes, such as terms and conditions in a custom field, late fee conditions, non-inventory items, and so forth. Then, when you create a new quote, the only things you will enter are the unique elements.