Calculate other factors in sales invoice

Hi, my query is, how do I calculate a custom report ?

Eg : in this invoice, I want a report, which is booked in Amadeus ( kept here as division ), I tried to keep it as custom field, but only got the results amounting in the sales invoice amount. My purpose is to get the sum of seg count, where I kept Amadeus as in division.

Many thanks,

@Bikash_Bastola, you need to furnish more information and be aware of the following:

  • What do you mean by “calculate a custom report?” Custom reports do not perform calculations. They list general ledger transactions meeting defined criteria.

  • What do you mean when you say, “…in this invoice, I want a report…?” A sales invoice is a transaction. Reports present information from transactions. Invoices do not incorporate reports.

  • “Seg count” seems to be a line-item custom field. Custom fields are informational. Their content cannot be incorporated in calculations in custom reports. If you want to add the contents of those line-item custom fields, you can do so in a custom theme. However, custom themes are now considered obsolete, and instructions for accomplishing such calculations have been removed from the Guides. Custom themes themselves will soon be removed from the program, so they are likely not a long-term solution to whatever need you have.

  • Finally, forum rules require that when you ask questions about custom reports you post the definition of your best attempt and sample results.