Business Identifier missing in Sales Invoice Template

A few of our customers noted that our invoices no longer include their VAT number. It seems that with a 2022 update changes have been made to Manager that no longer have invoice layouts work the same as before. We did not notice this ourselves, since we often clone existing entries and change these for a new invoice.

We used to include a customer VAT number as “recipient identifier” and placed the tag in an adjusted sales invoice theme just below the “recipient address”. The below code was used for that:

                    <div><b>{{ }}</b></div>
                    <div>{{ recipient.address | newline_to_br }}</div>
                    <div><br>{{ recipient.identifier }}</div>

We wanted to add new customers, but noticed that the customer card interface looks different. Upon checking/comparing, we have seen that the “recipient identifier” has been added to the “recipient address” field and seems no longer available as a separate field (the online guide/manual still has screenshots that include the customer identifier field).

We also noticed that the “telephone number” and “notes” fields are shown as custom fields. TBH, we can’t remember whether we misused/abused the “notes” field for inclusion somewhere in any of the themes/layouts.

FYI: our standard operation mode is to create a new sales invoice or clone an existing one and export it as PDF, which is then mailed to the recipient/customer. We do not print invoices from Manager: invoices are batch printed for the physical books from the PDF’s at the end of a quarter. This is also why we hadn’t noticed the VAT identifier missing in the layout. We noticed the changes to the customer card only this week, when adding a new customer.

We understand that we can use custom fields, but we don’t understand the best option to go forward: verifying and updating all customer cards to have the identifier in the address field (which doesn’t seem to be the correct place) and then update the theme/layout to remove the tag (does that impact the record history in any way?). Better use the notes field as custom field as it now seems to have become, or remove it from custom fields and make our own specific identifier custom field? A little guidance is appreciated.

Which Guide are you referring to?

That change was made years ago. What version are you updating from? I also notice you are using the phrase sales invoice template in your subject line for this topic. Sales invoice templates were also removed from the program long, long ago, when themes were introduced.

Manager long ago adopted the philosophy that fields not required for program functionality would become custom fields. Conversion scripts included steps such as converting telephone numbers to custom fields. A customer’s VAT number is an example of information the program does not use. So, if you don’t want it in the address field, it should be in a custom field.

Here’s my two cents.

If you don’t have any special use for the identifier other than showing it on printed documents then it’s the right place.

However, if you intend on using the value somewhere in the theme or in integrations, it’d better be it’s own custom field.

Not at all. This will only appear in the history of the customer and the theme. Invoices, Orders, Receipts and Payments are unaffected.

Hello @Tut ,

Thanks for the quick response.


The guide linked in the app in v22.1.94.


v20.2.88 - Previous System, Last Updated Version
v22.1.94 - Current System, Previous Version → with links to guide
v22.6.12 - Current System, Last Updated Version

We changed system late last year, then updated the Manager app early this year. Because of the missing VAT notification, we today updated to latest version and noticed the changes.

Functionality Philosophy:

Understood. Makes sense. From a B2B app user perspective, the other side to this is that for every (EU) customer a VAT number is required. So, the original approach of having that as standard included in a customer card did also make sense.


We may be an a-typical Manager app user: we’re invoicing long-term projects with a (relatively) small number of clients. Since Manager doesn’t provide an auto-update feature, or a convenient nudge to new versions and/or change logs, we would run an update whenever needed/convenient.

Going forward:

We’ll likely update all customer records, redefine all custom fields and start fresh with a new database.

Hello @Ealfardan ,

Thanks for the feedback.


Yes, we have a slightly different layout, where the VAT number is not directly underneath the address. Depending on type of document (quote vs. invoice), the VAT number is used. So, a custom field makes the most sense.


OK. Thanks. Good to know.

I will initiate a change to update the Guide you mentioned. Meanwhile, more up to date information is available here: Enter customers | Manager.

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