Invoice with phone number

Can i adjust invoice template to add phone number in the invoice.

I need phone number show in the invoice.

Go to settings, Business Details and put in Phone number underneath the business address. I put my email address there too!

Good idea @dalacor i have just done the same, looks much better now. :+1:

sory, i need customer on the invoice… not mine.

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what is phone cum. code ?

like mobile phone >> {{ }}

normal phone?


It contains list of all variables.

In this case Telephone field on customer level is accessible through {{ customer.telephone }} variable.

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Can u please just setting the default template sales invoice with phone num customer??

Im tired lol need to find where to adjust this thing.

Phone num customer is important lol

I disagree. The sales invoice goes to the customer and is not for internal use. Surely we can expect customers to know their own phone numbers. Standard practice does not include such information for the customer. If you want special content for your sales invoices, please create a new template rather than asking all users to adopt your practice.

Tut. For some businesses, like our mobile window tinting business, it’s important to have the customers phone number on the invoice. We pre invoice before the job is done, and collect payment after the job is done. Communication with the customer is important. It is also a sort of security, that links a mobile phone number to a customer.
I would like to know, (if I may and with all respect) how to actually create a new template with the current latest manager update for window OS. I can not find this setting on the list of settings. (Manager 16.11.35)

Hi Lubos
The link above can not be reached on my windows 10 OP. Can you pls provide me with the new link, as it is actually important to me to have my customers phone number included in their invoice. I was previously using the ABN (or business identifier) as a space to add a customer phone number linked to the name on the invoice, to allow this ID number to be printed on the invoice. This was created via the customer details. However, recently, the sales invoice template has changed, and I don’t know how to create a new template, or modify the current template in order to show the customers phone number on the printed invoice, although it has been added to the customers details on file.

@lubos above link provided by you is not working

View templates are now obsolete. They have been replaced with themes that span all forms, not just sales invoices. Read about custom themes here:

But you don’t need a custom theme. You can just as a custom field:

You can also just add a phone number in the customer address field. That would be the easiest way. That field will accept any text you put into it.

The latest version (16.11.39) will show customer identifier under all themes.

this topic is interesting.

i one of the business that need to use customer on the invoice.

when the sales department make invoice > operation dep will take over to settle the item that need by customer. including for postage / sending to customer.

so when doing postage by courier or cod, we need phone no. for us to record in the congsiment note.

hi lubos, i already try to edit the themes by add customer.telephone as your mention. but didnt success…

before this, i add in old template, its ok. something like got error in new themes cant read.

Or, can you please create 1 themes that include customer there. so that we can use it if we want. we got option so choose the themes.

hope you can think something about it. really hope for it.

i really happy use this for 1 year.

and by the way, the link above already not function.

code >> {{ customer.telephone }} also do not function in new themes…

i already create and edit the themes… add customer.telephone… but the invoice still didnt show it.

please help me.

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Try recipient.telephone and not customer.telephone.

I’m using and works!

I dont believe recipient.telephone & is supported yet.