Customer Code added to Address line on Invoices

When I updated manager on the 2nd April the customer code is suddenly printing on the Invoices.
I have updated to the latest version 81 in the hope that this was a bug and that it had been fixed.

This did not happen before and is inconvenient. Will this be fixed in the next version.

Is there a way I can fix this without Deleting all the Customer codes?


Try updating again. You did not mention the version number in which you first saw this. And I personally bypassed version 21.3.81. But it is not present in v21.3.82.

Also, I assume your subject is incorrect and that you are not referring to the code appearing on an address line but alongside the customer’s name. If codes are appearing on an address line, you have a completely different problem.

Thanks for your reply.

The problem is as shown in the picture that the customer code is printing on the address line of the Invoice after the customer name.

I have looked back thought the invoices sent in the past and have not determined when this changed. I have not always used Customer Codes but find it useful to put in parent company info to help reconcile the banking as the bank deposits don’t always reflect the customer name or reference the invoice number.

I did see some posts referring to editing the custom Invoice to take this out of the address line. I will investigate this option


Yes I have a Custom Theme

You are responsible for what your custom theme does. Your theme is behaving as if the code has been added according to this Guide: Removing {{ recipient.code }} from the theme should resolve the issue.

It also does not look like your custom theme does anything else the default, Plain theme does not. So I wonder why you are using it.

Those may be quite old. Customer codes used to appear by default, and you needed a custom theme to remove them. Now, you need a custom theme to add them.

Thank you all fixed :grinning:

Using custom theme because there is sensitive information at the bottom of the invoice not shown on the example that I sent you.

Thank you for providing an excellent accounting program.