Bulk Delete

How do I bulk delete invoices?

If you’ve already issued the invoices, you definitely don’t want to delete them - in most jurisdictions, this could be viewed as fraud.

If you’ve only been experimenting though…

  1. Go to your Sales Invoices page, scroll to the very bottom, and click “Batch Delete.”

  2. Tick the boxes next to each invoice you want to delete, or if you want to delete all invoices visible on the page, tick the box at the very top.

  3. Click the “Batch Delete” button at the bottom of the page.

You cannot delete an invoice if there is a payment or receipt against it.

Why do you want to delete them?

We have opened a new business and transferred all the invoices and I have to delete the invoices prior to the new bank accounts

If you opened a new business, you should not transfer invoices under most circumstances. Those belong to the old business. Read the Guides about starting balances.

The accountant opened the new business, not realising that I hadn’t started using the new bank accounts yet. The invoices in questions are duplicates from the first business. I have to delete the copies from the new account, otherwise, I’ll have the same invoices listed in both companies. We’ll keep the first account open until all the invoices are paid and then close it. In the meantime, I’ll start operating from the second account with the new bank details and new invoices.

That makes sense. The accounts can then be made inactive. You wouldn’t actually need a new business.