Inventory Balance Problems

The Inventory Quantity by Location report is showing incorrectly.

in the example business file attached. I bought 30 pcs of the 3 inventory items into the Kumasi location and transferred 10 from Kumasi Location to the Cape Coast location. The report should show 20 still at the Kumasi location but it doesn’t.


The last item is showing a Negative balance for Kumasi even though no other transaction has been made.

Test Business (2023-03-14).manager (752 KB)


There are other issues regarding inventory. For example, some users reported that the inventory owned column in the Inventory Tab is no more reporting Inventory quantities owned according to locations. I cannot confirm that because I never used that report. I will investigate that and create a separate bug topic.

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Not a bug.

The reason is that the inventory item in question has following options checked.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 21-54-00 Test Business (2023-03-14) — Inventory Item — X4 - MBW - X4 — Edit

This means invoice will not transfer item into inventory location. Goods receipt will have to be created. I agree it’s not intuitive. But if you uncheck these options, you will see it will work as expected.

Still. I need to re-think whether these options are needed. They were addressing different issues a while back but now that we have Edit Columns function, many options can be removed from the program and visibility of features can be controlled more intuitively through Edit Columns.

I should have checked that. but why is only item getting affected?

Not sure what you mean. If you check Quantity to receive option on inventory item then Qty to receive column will have content under current implementation.

You are correct. The tracking was unchecked. The test was done because some customers started facing inventory balance and location issues after recent updates.

There shouldn’t be problems if the user remembers to check all settings