Bug "Qty to receive"

i don’t now with is exact problem
i enter a Purchase Invoice

after that copy to Goods Receipt

but in inventory item Qty to receive is incorrect for bot item

Are you manually add this data into goods receipt? or you are using the Copy function in the Purchase invoice?
As bellow…
New Goods Receipt Option

If you are not using this Copy to function… then please use it.

That should make no difference.

@Babico, drill down by clicking on the blue figures in the Qty to receive column. That will show you what is making up those numbers.

i enter 11 Purchase Invoices and all are copy to new Goods Receipt
only this invoice i found the problem

yes this is

I know it will not make any difference… But I think that can be a manual mistake, Because if we use copy to function… then it will take same Qty per Line Sequence… If in Purchase there are sequence 6, 1, 1, 6… then by copy to function … Generated goods receipt have same Sequence if we do not reorder the Sequence.
In @Babico original 1st post… the line sequence was not match the qty. (in purchase 6, 1, 1, 6 … and in goods receipt its 6, 6, 1, 1…) So I tell that if he do not use the COPY TO function then use it. [[[.I know that the code and description was exactly same…]]]
But now as he told, he use that functions for all its purchase item… but only this have problem… So now I think the problem is something else…

@Babico - it appears that the Purchase Invoice Inventory hasn’t been recorded / taken up.

Why don’t you delete it and see if the quantity figures vary from what has been displayed above ?
If they don’t vary, then re-enter the Purchase Invoice and see what occurs.
If they do vary, then post a screenshot of those changed quantities.

i clone ths Purchase Invoice

but it is not add

i do that but not working

Can you please click on the Qty to receive blue highlighted -7 number… as your posted image

Please click on that… and you will get the transaction details of purchase invoice and goods receipt… please post that screen shot.

yes pleas look up before upload

That image has already been posted above - it shows only Goods Receipt entries

@Babico - there is no point in cloning the Purchase Invoice as they possibly contain a fault.

Please delete both Purchase Invoices and see if the quantities vary.

What is not working ?

There are duplicates in your Inventory Item.
Please check if those are the items of your purchase invoice.

Another thing,
If you have multiple inventory location and if you don’t selcet the location on Goods Receipts, then this problem may appear.

Click the Qty on hand and upload the screenshot, please.

@Abu_Hasan has good point. That seems to be the best explanation - you have two inventory items with the same item code & name.

i found the problem the Purchase Invoices date is before start date