Inventory Qty owned bug

i have desktop version

in the first photo Qty is 13.5
in the second the Qty is -10,917.5???

Same problem here.

Same issue with cloud version

Same here on Cloud edition, version

The drill-down on Qty owned from the Inventory Items tab looks correct:

But the amounts displayed in the Qty on hand and Qty owned columns in the Inventory Items tab are not:

But I could not reproduce it on Cloud


This error does not apply to all our inventory items. Having looked a bit closer, it appears that it only affects items that were acquired through the use of a production order. In our case this usually happens when we buy something in bulk and then use a production order to split it into single units for sale individually.

Fixed in the latest version (

how to update this version my version is (


On clicking inventory items and then clicking qty owned, it used to show the inventory by location. It’s no longer showing that and instead it shows by purchase invoice, sales invoice and production order. How to get back to the old view of inventory by location?

Clicking on Qty on hand should show the inventory by location. I believe nothing has changed with this – as far as I know Qty owned has always shown the purchase and sale history of the item.

I need this

So do exactly what you’ve always done to get it: in the Inventory Items tab click on the number in the Qty on hand column for the item you want to see.

If you can’t see a column called Qty on hand, you may need to use the new Edit columns feature at the bottom of the screen to set that column to be visible:

If you do not see these options then you need to post screen shots so that we can see what you are seeing.

You can see it not happened i also try it

Did you record the inventory location when you created the goods receipt (if you are using goods receipts) or the purchase invoice (if you are not using goods receipts)?


That’s a receipt for funds, not goods. It shows that you made a sale, but we need to see that you received the goods first. Do you have the Goods Receipts tab enabled?


If yes, then can you show us the goods receipt for the items that you think should be on hand but are not appearing in the Qty on hand column?

If no, then can you show us the Purchase invoice for those items?

If you want those items to appear in the Qty on hand column, you need to have recorded that you received them into the appropriate inventory location. Until we can see that you have received them, I don’t see anything wrong with Manager’s behaviour.

Previously is correct version but this version i not understand why am i getting in to this problem
I purchased the goods is purchase invoice and I also mentioned the location

I can’t reproduce your problem, so if you don’t show screenshots of your goods receipts or purchase invoices then I can’t help you any further. For me the only inventory items that don’t show a value in the Qty on hand column are those that I have never received into inventory.

I have the same problem.

Refer to the attached edit screen of the purchase invoice showing that the inventory location has been selected but it doesn’t show up when I click the qty owned column.

@lubos can you please look into this