Drill-down on Qty to receive in Purchase Orders tab shows no transactions

Disappearance of the balance of the quantities of Purchase orders

Could you provide more details on how to reproduce this behavior such as:

  • Edition and Version
  • Steps to reach this screen
  • Edit screens of all form involved (purchase orders, goods receipts, inventory items, etc.)

Cloud version. As Screen shoot shown the steps : Purchase order - Qty to receive.
previously , the remaining Qty to receive was shown in purchase order window .

@Wafra_Farms, moderators ask for information for reasons. Please post the requested Edit screens.

Where is a purchase order? That is what you said this topic is about.

@Wafra_Farms, you need to explain what you are showing. You have shown goods receipt #1014 twice. You show inventory item #12010004, but that item does not appear on either the goods receipt or the purchase order. And the goods receipt #1014 is for a different purchase order than you have shown. So all these look like randomly selected records.

Tell us a story. What was the chronology of events? What did you order? What did you actually purchase (if anything, as you have shown no purchase document)? What did you receive? Show us the transactions that illustrate that specific story, not unrelated records from your accounts. Explain what you believe you should see that you do not see.

As nearly as I can tell, you are reporting that when you drill down on a positive quantity to receive in the Purchase Orders tab, you are not seeing any transactions contributing to that number. Is that correct?

Assuming that is your issue, I am putting this into bugs, as I can duplicate the behavior I just described. I am also editing the title of this thread. If this is not what you are reporting, please explain. (The screen shots for related records will still help troubleshoot the problem.)

The story in short is that we used to record purchase orders, then goods receipt, and we need to know the remaining quantity (QTY to receive) in purchase order.

Two days ago, we would choose any purchase order and click on the quantity to receive it shows all the items in the purchase order and the remaining quantity (Qty to receive)

This feature has disappeared as in the first screen shoot

@Wafra_Farms, I was editing my last post when you put up this additional information. Please read my previous post and confirm that my understanding of your problem is correct.

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Yes this is my problem

Fixed in the latest version (

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Many Thanks