Bug - Inventory Batch Update

Currently I’m Updating my stocks in the beginning of the year, and after created some update in excel, and paste it on the application.

The Application know what I want to update. and this is as what I want to.

But after I create the update, it didn’t updated on the inventory

what are you trying to update?

did you set “starting date” under setting >> starting balances

the start date for a business should not be changed in Manager for new financial years unless you are creating a new business file with new starting balances.

i didn’t asked to change, i asked did you set?
because if you didn’t define starting date, opening data will not shown at inventory list even you imported

i understood what you meant. but in the initial post @Michella_Tony_Xie mentioned the stocks are being updated for the beginning of the year which means there is already previous year data in Manager. setting an older start date and updating starting balances for the new year will not work anyway.

It’s a new business file. I’m moving my old business file inventory to a new one. but as I said, the inventory stocks didn’t update as it should be.

yes I already set “starting date” before

I’m trying to update inventory cost

in this case the amounts should be entered as a starting balance and not by batch operations.
please read the guide https://www.manager.io/guides/15718

Ok. I find my mistake. The inventory shouldn’t have “.” on the excel file. :grin:

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