Unable to see StartingBalanceQty in new update

Please help me to solve this

Have you checked it isn’t further over on the right?

Are you using latest version?

When I tried to batch create there are a lot more fields

Yes i have already checked

I am using the latest version 18.7.35 of cloud edition.

If you read the guide Set starting balances for inventory items it explains how to do this - see the note at the bottom of the guide

This appears to be a bug, possibly related to the recently added ability to enter starting balances for multiple locations. The Batch Update function does not show any information on quantities or locations. I am moving this topic to the bugs category.

Thanks for the reply. Please can you let me know when will this bug be solved.
I request you to solve this as soon as possible.

Thanks but not working.

Monitor the bugs category on the forum. When this topic disappears, the bug will have been fixed. The fix may also be announced here.

Please understand, I am not the developer and do not work on the software. I am a forum moderator.

Oh ok. No worries,

When ability to set starting balances by inventory location has been added, batch create/update is incompatible with it because it works only on basic fields and starting balance for inventory items is now a list.

I do want to work on improving batch operations so they can work over lists too. This would allow to use batch operations pretty much on everything - including transactions.

I’m going to remove it from bugs from now. The question is, do you really need this? Starting balances are set up just once. It’s not something you’d go over and over again using batch operations.

You are right, once the starting balances have been set up, there is no need for batch modify. However, there may still be a need to amend/update/ add that can be done by individual entries. Really no need for bulk operation.


I think, from my experience, that generally we are faster doing things in excel. So for me it’s a yes. Even on chart of accounts if it’s possible.

Yes. I really need it.

Please fix it as soon as possible so that i can work on this software. I cannot put opening quantity of 1000 items 1 by 1. Please try to understand

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I’m working on extending ability to do batch insert/batch update for lists within lists. This would fix the issue.

Added to the latest version (18.11.13)