Batch Create Inventory

I have created a new book for 2018 and have successfully updated my inventory, but though I have put “InHouse” in the column for StartingBalanceInventoryLocation in my spreadsheet, it shows up as “unspecified location”. I’d love to know why everything else copied ok, including costs, prices, QTY, etc, and if there a way to avoid going through each and every item and clicking on “InHouse” in my starting balances? What am I missing?

have you created an inventory location called InHouse in Manager first?

Why, there is no need to create a new book for a new year.
Have you read this Guide on closing a year Manager Cloud

Yes, there is already a location called InHouse

Thanks, but I wanted to clean up some things so started with a fresh book…
In theory, it should be possible to assign inventory location, because it is a heading in the batch create… :slight_smile:

Have you got inventory location name exactly right e.g Inventory Locations shows this but the export shows this

0000000 Bug 5 > 0000000 Bug 5a

Also is the column heading “StartingBalanceInventoryLocation” correct - Inventory Locations only uses the heading “Name” in the export.

Some of the inner workings of the program are a mystery. StartingBalanceInventoryLocation remains blank in all batch operations no matter what is entered in that field in an inventory item definition. I don’t know why.