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Hi @Tut, I hope you would try to understand first where I am coming from before you closing my thread.

While yes the program behaves or does this, this is not entirely true as it does not include the date custom fields.

I have Date Custom Field in Projects. If you go to your Form Default and choose Today as default value, it only returns the same date all through out the period. It does not populate the current date, it will only return the date when you set the form default. You still have to go again to date and pick the date you want, in this case the current date.

This is why I posted this topic here although I missed to add the part that i am referring to date custom field.

Well, if it is a custom field, that is an entirely different issue, not some small triviality.

The reason you see what you do with your custom field is because everything in Form Defaults becomes the default except the issue date. When you choose Today, that selects the current date as the default. It is only a shortcut to avoid entering the date manually. In other words, it is a date picker for a constant entry.

Exactly the reason @Tut. Now going back to my request in the other thread which you closed.

I hope this behavior be replicated to the date custom fields also.

Yes for date custom field there should be option of both,
1)static date(this feature already exists)

2)dynamic date(todays date +/- 'n’days)where todays date is the date on which transaction is being created), something similar to how setting due date function works.

This will increase the usefulness of date custom field imo. One use case i can think about is lets say my company mentions warranty date as line item custom field, then it would be easier for user to select/input number of days in date custom field rather than manually add to todays date & find the required date & then select/type-in on the date custom field

Another use case could be lets say user want to set some kind of reminder date other than the due date(could be for installments), which he/she wants to be set by default for invoice from the day invoice is issued. This will make their work a lot easier.

I hope this gets validation and implemented in the system.

@lubos This feature will also be help for user of those countries where dual/regional calendar is followed.

How, @romangarg? This discussion is about form defaults, not date preferences.

If any country is using of following calendar other than just georgian calendar, user can define date custom field with option of today+/- number of days difference between two calendar & define form default for it, it will kind of automate the process of inserting local calendar date in view forms.

Custom fields are informational only. The program does not use them for anything.

I already know that.But reports can always be generated using custom date fields. It would be a temporary work around for those countries where putting local calendar dates on invoice & other legal financial documents is compulsory.
Something is better than nothing…

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I agree. And with regards to my request, the system has this feature already, so I only request to perhaps apply also to date custom field.