BTW Netherlands

Your points 1, 2 en 3 are already present in my administration. I already tried a payment with payee contact Other (Belastingdienst) but then I can’t select the account ‘af te dragen btw’ . I only can select the accounts available in the accounts expenses.

You most probably cannot select the account because you’re using the built-in dummy/placeholder account. You need to go create a new Af te dragen BTW account.

I also created the customer account Belastingdienst voor te ontvangen BTW, and income account Bijzondere baten en lasten, which I use to record the differences between the real BTW amount and the filed tax return amount.

It is very important that you use the Dutch localization file. As said you must create a balance general ledger “Af te dragen BTW” and connect all tax-codes to this account.
I can help you by checking your manager database. That means send me by private message a backup of your accounts and I can check if all your settings are correct.