Billable expenses not invoicing

Billable expenses are acting up, using version 20.6.1, was hoping to have that fix it but to no avail.

Showing uninvoiced items

Selected items

result no items
help please

I cannot reproduce what you show. (Great illustration, by the way.) Can you post a screen shot of the Edit screen of this sales invoice? Also, please post a shot of a drill-down on the Billable Expenses tab that includes these expenses.

EDIT: Yes I can reproduce it. I first tried in a test business with pre-existing, but uninvoiced items. When I put in new items and tried again, I got the same result you did. I will put this into bugs.

Also forgot to state that if there are Billable time amounts they do show up but expenses do not

Yes, I discovered that, too.

Fixed in the latest version (20.6.3)

Thank You very much