Billable expense invoicing error with multi-line purchase transactions

When multiple line items on a purchase invoice or payment form are posted to Billable expenses for the same customer:

and then invoiced from the Customers tab:

the first line item is repeated in place of all subsequent line items on the resulting sales invoice:

Yet all billable expenses show as Invoiced in the Billable Expenses tab. (This part of the behavior looks similar to that caused by a bug that was supposedly fixed with the recent changes to billable expense functions.

If the same line items are split between multiple payments or purchase invoices, those on separate purchase transactions appear correctly. But any time there is more than one line item posted to Billable expenses on the same transaction, the first of the line items is repeated in place of all others. This behavior occurs in the same manner when billable expenses from several different multi-line purchase transactions are combined on a single sales invoice. In other words, the only thing that matters is that more than one billable expense is recorded on the same purchase transaction. It does not matter how many line items, type of transaction, or number of transactions.

I have the exact same problem except that the source of the billable expenses is from an expense claim.

Step 1: Create an expense claim with multiple items booked against “Billable Expenses” and the same customer. Ensure they are marked as “Uninvoiced”.
Step 2: View Customer summary, click on the uninvoiced amount. This will show you all the uninvoiced transactions.
Step 3: Select all of the billable expense items and click “Create invoice”
Step 4: The generated invoice looks like the example above: the first line item is repeated for all selected transactions from step 3.

Details: Manager 19.12.12 / Desktop

I’m sure the same thing happens when billable expenses are recorded on journal entries or debit notes, too. The only requirement is multiple line items. The problem is clear: the program knows how many lines there are, it just repeats the content of the first. Then it shows the incorrect result (Invoiced) for all lines, even though it filled the content for the first line on the sales invoice.

I am having the same problem

Fixed in the latest version (19.12.26)

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