Billable expenses not getting invoiced

This is on Manager 20.2.33 server version

I have 6 items billable expenses that I need to invoice for a customer.

I go to the customer tab, I click on the unvoiced amount, select all six items, and click new sales invoice.

An invoice is generated with just one item. I go back to the billable expenses tab and just one item is ‘greened’.

The only difference between the items in billable expenses as far as I can tell is that the items not getting invoiced are coming from a bank account transaction.

Is this expected behavior or is this a bug?

Either way, what would be the proper way to have this show on an invoice?

Isn’t this the same problem as mentioned in Billable expense invoicing error with multi-line purchase transactions

I read in that this problem was solved in February.

I would update Manager if I were you because you’re using 20.2.33 and the latest is 20.2.54.

No, @mark this is not the same problem. The earlier bug repeated the first line item when multiple billable expenses originated from the same transaction. If there were 6 billable items, the first was invoiced 6 times and the other 5 not at all. But the status on all 6 changed to Invoiced. @novica is reporting that only one item is invoiced, and the status correctly shows that fact. That bug was fixed by the time version 20.2.33 was released.

I have just tried to duplicate @novica’s reported error, recording multiple billable expenses both via purchase invoice and direct payment. I did that both with version 20.2.44 and 20.2 55. In no case could I duplicate the reported problem. To summarize my experiments:

  • Entered multiple billable expenses on a purchase invoice
  • Entered multiple billable expense on a payment form
  • Clicked the Uninvoiced figure for the customer
  • Selected the expenses (I tried this both with the universal checkbox to select all and by individually selecting expenses.)
  • Created the new sales invoice
  • Verified that the sales invoice contained all expenses
  • Verified that the Billable Expenses tab showed all expenses as being invoiced and that all accounts properly reflected the transactions.

@novica, if you did something different, please explain. Otherwise, I suspect you thought you had selected all expenses for invoicing but somehow had not. Can you delete the invoice(s) involved and try again? (You will be directed back to the original transactions for any invoiced items before you can delete a sales invoice. Edit those by deleting the reference to the sales invoice number that was automatically inserted when you created the sales invoice from the Customers tab.)

Hi @Tut. Thanks for the thorough reply.

I haven’t done anything different. I am now testing with just one transaction. And after creating a new sales invoice I basically get a blank invoice which can be deleted without problems.

But OK, since you are testing on newer version then what I have, maybe I can wait until this is upgraded and report back. Maybe this is some issue that was fixed without a bug being reported on the forum.

This is certainly worrisome. Can you do the following and post screen shots:

  • Enter a new payment for a billable expense. Show the Edit screen.
  • Show the resulting portion of the Customers tab, which should show the uninvoiced amount.
  • Create a new sales invoice for the billable expense from the Customers tab. Show the Edit screen for the sales invoice.
  • Show the Customers tab again (where the uninvoiced amount should have disappeared).
  • Show the Billable Expenses tab (at least the portion of it containing this billable expense).